Border Health Initiative

VIPI, in collaboration with its Providers/Consortia, faced with growing concerns for the health needs of the undocumented population in the territory, established the Border Health Initiative under auspices of the Healthy Families&…Healthy Babies Initiative. The primary goals of the Border Health Initiative are to (1) Gain recognition as Border State/Territory (2) Pursue federal funding as a Border State/Territory and (3) Reduce the financial burden on the territory’s public health resources.

A core workgroup was established, and an evaluation of local capacity by means of data collection was done with the local hospital, Schneider Regional Medical Center taking the lead. Project Concern International, a Border Health Program in California was identified as a possible resource to provide Capacity Building support to VIPI’s Border Health Initiative. Additionally, the Virgin Islands Delegate to Congress, Congresswoman Donna M. Christiansen has taken an interest in these efforts and facilitated a meeting with Deputy Director Anthony Babauta and Basil Ottley, Representatives from the Office of Insular Affairs and the core workgroup to discuss issues.

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