The Promoting Healthy Families Initiative (PHFI)

The Promoting Healthy Families Initiative (PHFI) utilizes Community Outreach, Care Coordination/ Case Management, Medicaid enrollment assistance, Social Marketing, and Facilitating services, to achieve the following goals on the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands:
  • 1) To increase access of uninsured and low-income families into the public insurance program;
  • 2) To increase access of the target population to a family-centered, comprehensive, coordinated system of care; and
  • 3) to reduce the rate of pre-term births, diabetes, hypertension and promote access to cancer screening in the target population.

The service areas for the "Promoting Healthy Families" Initiative is expanding to cover more areas where low income uninsured families reside on the island of St. Croix. Our current service area coincides with the federally designated "medically underserved" area of the entire island of St. Croix as assigned to the community health centers.