Fatherhood Initiative

Working to create a framework for integrating fathers into the Perinatal system of care as well as promoting father involvement in the Virgin Islands, VIPI established the Fatherhood Initiative. Through a series of workshop, seminars, trainings, and father-friendly product distribution, the Fatherhood Initiative focused on improving communication between co-parents, as well as communication between fathers and children and their service providers. Fathers also learned how to navigate and advocate for the health and safety of their children.

VIPI in collaboration with community based and national organizations have hosted a series of trainings and workshops around fatherhood issues:

  • In 2006 "The Importance of Including Fathers in Children"s Health" with Daniel "DJ" Andrews, Andrews Training and Communications Consultancy. This training centered on healthcare professionals assessing their service module as it relates to fathers.
  • In 2007, VIPI trained a consultant in the National Fatherhood Initiative — Doctor Dad Curriculum; aimed at teaching fathers in the territory to address the health and safety needs of their infants and toddlers. Four workshops were conducted across the territory with fathers and/or guardians.
  • In 2008, VIPI in collaboration with the National Fatherhood Initiative hosted two workshops in the territory to train health care professionals and educators in the National Fatherhood Initiative — Doctor Dad Curriculum.
  • On "Father’s Day" of 2008, VIPI collaborated once more with the National Fatherhood Initiative, to distribute "Daddy Packs", created by the National Fatherhood Initiative as a resource for new and not so new fathers. The pack provided materials to improve communications between fathers; their children and their partners. It covers child safety for newborns and toddlers and parenting teens using a series of brochures and an interactive CD Rom called ’Directions for Dads’, which puts the dads in the driver’s seat

    Read more in this newspaper article…

    Read more in this newspaper article…

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