Speak Up: "Know Your Rights" — Policy Forum

The "Speak Up: Know Your Rights" policy forum sponsored by the Health & Human Services Committee of the U. S. Virgin Islands Legislature with the support of AARP of the Virgin Islands, the Disability Rights Center of Virgin Islands (DRCVI) and Virgin Islands Perinatal Incorporated was organized to educate community on their patients rights and responsibilities. Amelia Headley Lamont, Executive Director of DRCVI offered a brief description of what advocacy is and how advocacy works, which was well received. Dr Cora Christian, a prominent member of the community and physician, discussed the implementation of an electronic medical record system, patient confidentiality, and how it can impact patient’s rights. Achieving Cultural & Linguistic appropriate services was also emphasized at the forum by Isabella Huber and Wendy Jones who were invited from the National Center for Cultural Competency. And lastly, Mrs. Barbara Lee Jackson, Executive Director of Virgin Islands Perinatal Incorporated presented on health care as a human right and the need for individuals to assume their responsibility and speak up about their health care.

The policy forum was followed by focused radio ads, modeled after the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization’s "Speak Up" campaign. The ad focused on "Know Your Rights", "Understanding your Doctors and Other Caregivers" and "Help Avoid Mistakes with your Medicine", which aired on major local radio stations.

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