Interconceptional Care Program

VIPI, in collaboration with the Provider Consortium, (Department of Health (DOH), Frederiksted Health Center (FHC), St. Thomas East End Medical Center (STEEMC)), initiated a campaign to address Interconceptional care through access, education and counseling aimed at improving a woman’s health status during pregnancy and post partum through VIPI’s Promoting Healthy Families Program and existing public health systems. The objectives of VIPI Interconceptional Care Collaborative as follows:
  • To increase the knowledge of Interconceptional care among VIPI clients
  • To increase the rate of clients obtaining Interconceptional care at the primary care provider sites.

Using case management, outreach and referral VIPI will continue to support its provider partners in DOH and FHC to expand their service capacity and offer comprehensive services beyond the existing approach to preconception care. The enhanced services include offering formal Interconceptional education, risk assessment and postpartum depression screening, diagnosis and treatment of maternal infection and chronic disease. Social marketing was utilized to market Interconceptional care to the target audience in a compelling manner.

VIPI staff, Providers, including nurses, physicians, health educators, and paraprofessionals in Family Planning and MCH programs throughout the territory have been trained as a result of this Initiative to provide Interconceptional education in a culturally and linguistically sensitive manner that is appropriate to the participants and their assessed risk factors.